Snowshoe to Rochefort

This weekend we went snowshoing to the Rochefort cabin near St Cergue.

This year it was very hard because we had to make the trail after a night of strong snow fall. When we got there we had lots of fun with games and stuff.

The next morning we all wanted to stay and play in the snow but we had to leave.

The Klondike Derby

The Klondike Derby in Kanderstag was great! On Friday night when we arrived there was no snow – green grass everywhere, but at 8 pm it started to snow and at 10 pm there was already 10 cm. It kept on snowing all night, by the next morning there was more than 50 cm, and it continued to snow all day. The Derby was great and the activities were very fun although it was really cold. The meals were good and Saturday night the campfire event was a bit boring but there were some good skits. The next morning the young scouts said that the sled run was boring until we got to the steep part. Then everyone found it great fun! Everybody wanted to stay but in the end we had to leave. Can’t wait until next year!